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Customer Support

As a leading provider of cash processing technology and high-quality technical solutions, CASHWAY is committed to providing our customers and partners with world-class support with72 hour , fast response services, and customized solutions for optimized operations.


Software-engineering service

CASHWAY has many years of experience in software engineering services. Our experienced professional software staff will provide you with accurate customized software services at any time, covering multi-vendor terminal software, monitoring software, and providing software engineering services including software customization, function development, and systems Integration and software upgrades and version management.


Customer support services

In order to help you develop your business, our dedicated customer support team is committed to providing you with world-class remote or on-site customer support solutions, including hardware and software support, technical consulting, troubleshooting, first / second-line maintenance, preventive maintenance, random inspection, report analysis services, etc.


Spare parts Service

We know that even the smallest part can stop the whole system. Therefore, we have established spare parts service to provide you with the best spare parts supply.


Knowledge service

To keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry and simplify operations, our knowledge services cover a wide range of technical and management training, customized training courses, practice oriented seminars, document services, consulting and online learning opportunities.


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