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Intelligent Hospital
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    Medical Wall-mounted Self-service Terminal

    With simple, light and thin mechanical design, the medical wall-mounted self-service terminal is much more space-saving and cost-effective, which can realize self-service payment for outpatient/hospital registration. It is widely deployed as self-service terminal in various areas such as triage, departments, corridors for users to do self-service recharge, self-service registration, self-service reservation, self-service enquiry and self-printing transaction vouchers, aims to release the pressure of the outpatient hall for business handling. More Details
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    Self-Service Printing Terminal

    The self-service Printing terminal can be connected with all graphic report workstation systems such as hospital radiation, ultrasound, endoscope, pathology, etc., to realize self-printing of multi-disciplinary graphic report, so that the patient or his family can use the ID card or medical insurance card to self-help for printing the medical film and report sheets, which contributes to saving labor costs, reducing human error, improving patient experience, and effectively improving the daily operational efficiency and service quality of hospitals. More Details
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    Self-service Registered Payment Terminal

    Self-service Registered Payment Terminals are placed in the outpatient hall,medical examination centered and so on, After the patient or his family members select the registered doctor by the touchscreen, It can be realized confirming patient identification,paying the registration fee and printing the registration slippy reading medical card information,The whole operation process is convenient and fast,which greatly improving the hospital efficiency and patient satisfaction, At the same time, it reduces the operating costs of hospital and improves the level of medical service management. More Details

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