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    Information Published System

    The information release system can adjust the distribution content of various marketing equipment in the outlets according to the needs, or push the exhibition content to a specified equipment. More Details
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    Hall management system

    Status:The system can monitor the running status of machines and tools, including: normal service / hardware failure / communication failure / network timeout / resource warning / suspension of service / equipment maintenance, etc. More Details
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    Precision Marketing System

    CRM system will combine face recognition and data big data to help the operation of user data and analysis of tags, which can more accurately analyze customer group big data analysis. More Details
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    Face Recognition

    In recent years, funds, bonds, stocks and other products have become more and more important in the bank's revenue. Its main customers are high-quality customers in the bank. Therefore, how to retain these high-quality customers and create greater value for the bank has become the focus of attention of major bank. More Details

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