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Cash Processing Series
Cash Recycling Machine

Intelligent Cash Recycler - CASH80AWU




With independent R&D cash recycling module, CASHWAY’s intelligent cash recycler is characterized by large capacity’s design on both cash slot and notes cassette. Capable of remote self-sorting & cash replenishing, its performance has become a flagship in cash recycling module of independent R&D brand.




The maximum cash processing capacity is up to  

300 notes per transaction, a single cassette’s capacity is up to 3400 notes, with the maximum support of 5 cassettes in total;


Banknotes processing speed reaches 10 notes/s,  12 notes/s for banknotes validating speed;


With the design of double cash slots and double cash channels, it can realize remote self-sorting & cash replenishing;







Controlling Unit

CPU: Intel dual core, 2.6GHz, RAM: 4G, HDD: 500GB, DVD.

Customer Display

15" LCD display, dust-proof, explosion-proof, high resolution 1280X1024

Opearation Screen

10" maintenance screen, 2*4 FDK, 15 keys keyboard

Cash Recycler + Shutter

Frictional bundle cash recycler, maximum 300 notes per bundle, dispense/Deposit speed: 12 notes/s, 4 Recycle cassettes, capacity 

3400 banknotes/cassette, 1 accept cassettes,


4 X 4 numeric metal keypad, waterproof, dust-proof , PCI4.0 certified EPP

Card Reader

Motorized card reader, EMV 4.0

RFID Card Reader

ISO 14443-4 TYPE A&B

ID Card Reader

ID card Reader


Camera (Portrait)

Receipt Printer

Graphic thermal printer, detect paper less, paper running out

Journal Printer

Graphic thermal printer, detect paper less, paper running out


RL291 or CENL

Working Environment

Temperature: +5°C to +40°C

Relative humidity: 20%-80%


H*W*D: 1880mm * 686mm * 1248mm

Power Supply

AC220-240V, 50-60Hz

* The specific configuration is subject to the actual product

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