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CASHWAY-A Leading Intelligent Banking Solution Provider


Cashway Fintech Co.,Ltd. was founded in Tianjin,China in 2004. As a financial technology enterprise,as well as a high-tech,software enterprise listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Market in 2017.CASHWAY is dedicated to offering financial electronic products and solutions,integrated with the R&D, manufacturing, marketing, opera-tion, monitoring and relevant outsourcing services of banking self-service equipments.


As a leading intelligent banking solution provider in China,CASHWAY is committed to providing a full range of smart products,technologies and services such as cash related products,non-cash related products,and payment security system required by traditional banks in their transformation to intelligent banks.By the integrated operation mode“smart product,advanced technology,and high-quality service”,CASHWAY strives to meet various customized needs during the construction and operation of intelligent banks,to effectively reduce operating costs and improve customers’experience and services quality;to expand business channels and improve operating efficiency.


CASHWAY is China’s largest financial self-service equipment provider and the second largest ATM provider in the Domestic brands.It has the only national ATM R&D industrialization base approved by the National Development & Reform Commission.In possession of a number of technical centers,they are "Academician Expert Workstation","Postdoctoral scientific research workstation”,“Financial Equipment Engineering Center”and“Enterprise Technology Center.It becomes a Member of Board of ATM Industry Association (ATMIA),key member of the CEN/XFS Committee,and one of the key participants in the National Standard Workgroup for China’s financial self-service equipment specifications.CASHWAY’s each product is tested and qualified in the process of production,passing all the relevant certificates,like ROSH,CE,FCC.


CASHWAY is keeping its competence of financial service by innovative technology,constantly focusing on its R&D competence with more than 500 professional experts and 4 R&D centers (Beijing,Tianjin,Guangzhou and Chengdu).Through independent innovation,CASHWAY has captured all the core technologies of the currency-related modules that have been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time,mastered all intellectual property rights,and has nearly 1,000 patents and software copyrights.CASHWAY took the lead in promoting the application of the national secret algorithm in the financial industry,and unprecedentedly developed and used domestic operating systems to effectively guarantee the security and controllability for the financial technology support system.


By now,CASHWAY has provided over 150,000 sets of financial equipments for hundreds of banks and financial institutions.At the same time,CASHWAY obtained certain market share in the Southeast Asia,the Mid-East,Africa and South America,key countries including:  Bangladesh, Haiti,Iran, Argentina, Israel, Zambia, Thailand, Pakistan, Brazil, e.g.


In the future,with its leading advantage in the field of financial self-service technology,CASHWAY is creating more intelligent and self-service scenarios.As the construction of the“CASHWAY Cloud platform”,CASHWAY,constantly exploring and innovating,provides more smart technology to benefit the public and empower the future.


A Leading Intelligent Banking Solutions Provider
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