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Cash Processing Series
Cash Recycling Machine
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    Cash Recyling Machine - CASH80ALG

    CRS is a multi-function integrated through-the-wall machine, it provides cash deposit and withdrawal configuration mode as below: Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Cash deposit and withdrawal(nonrecycling), cash recycling deposit and withdrawal. CRS integrated all the functions of Cashway single withdrawal cash machine,besides cash deposit & withdrawal,it also provide transfer, inquiry,password change,multimedia ad.,RFIDcard top-up and cash deposit/withdrawal functions and it also provide other non-cash services functions include distributing tickets,coupons, lotteries, etc synchronously. More Details
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    Cash Recycler - CASH80ALC-003

    Cash Recycler is designed to support large capacity and high-speed cash deposit/withdrawal, non-stop deposit, banknotes mixed deposit in full denominations, cash sorting and small amount cash exchange to realize one-stop comprehensive operation for cash business. More Details
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    Cash Recycler Machine (TTW) - Cash 80 AWG

    CRS(TTW) is a multi-function integrated through-the-wall machine, it provides cash deposit and withdrawal configuration mode as below: Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Cash deposit and withdrawal(non-recycling), cash recycling deposit and withdrawal. CRS integrated all the functions of Cashway single withdrawal cash machine,besides cash deposit & withdrawal,it also provide transfer, inquiry,password change,multi-media ad.,RFIDcard top-up  and cash deposit/withdrawal functions and it also provide other non-cash services functions include distributing tickets,coupons, lotteries, etc synchronously.  More Details
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    Intelligent Cash Recycler - CASH80AWU

    With independent R&D cash recycling module, CASHWAY’s intelligent cash recycler is characterized by large capacity’s design on both cash slot and notes cassette. Capable of remote self-sorting & cash replenishing, its performance has become a flagship in cash recycling module of independent R&D brand. More Details

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