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Cash Processing Series
Teller Cash Recycler
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    Bill Recycler - CASH35AG-1250

    Bill Recycler is designed to support multi-functions, such as bill double-sided image scanning, bill anti-counterfeiting recognition, bill acceptance/selling, issuer of card/UKEY to realize one-stop comprehensive operation for bill business. More Details
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    Compact Cash Recycler - CASH80AWG-41

    Compact cash recycler by CASHWAY is dedicated to the “Three Agricultures” markets (agriculture, rural areas and farmers), aims to provide cash deposit/ withdrawal services in small amount. It is a perfect lobby solution for financial retailing stores, supermarkets and mini-branches. This machine is able to meet the policy requirements of serving “three agricultures” and providing inclusive finance services. More Details
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    Intelligent Cash Recycler - CASH80ALC

    Intelligent Cash Recycler integrates the functions of bulk cash processing by card or passbook, personal or public bill processing and coin exchange. It can effectively enhance the usage frequency and reliability to deal with business and also provide more service scenarios to users in the branch. More Details
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    New Generation Cash Recycler - CASH80ALC-001

    As an intelligent transformation of mainstream CRS, new generation cash recycler is designed with larger amount cash deposit & withdrawal capacity and faster cash processing speed. It can effectively divert the branch counter business pressure and enhance the customer development & value-added financial service ability. More Details

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