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March 20, 2015

In March, all things begin to grow. CASHWAY successfully won the bid for ICBC’s deposit & withdrawal recycler project, a breakthrough in the landmark. Up to now, CASHWAY become the only supplier of cash equipment and solutions for five state-owned banks in the industry—ABC, CCB, PSBC, Bank of Communication, ICBC, marking that CAHSWAY has the absolute influence in the field of financial self-service equipment in China and laid the fundament of the industry leader.


Complete sincerity is to achieve the great goal. As the world’s biggest, the first and most profitable customer deposits in the listed banks, ICBC has the high-quality customer base, diversified business structure, strong innovation ability and market competitiveness. In recent years, ICBC successively won the global best commercial bank, ranking first in the aspects of commercial bank’s core competitiveness, tier one capital and the first of total assets in the world bank, first in the fortune top 500 world banks. Business across six continents, outside the business network extended to 40 countries and regions, ICBC provides 4.735 million public customers and 432 million individual customers a wide range of financial products and services by 17,245 domestic institutes, 329 outside institutes, 1903 agents and online banking, telephone banking and self-service bank and other distribution channels, formed by commercial Banks as the main body, integration, internationalization, informationization management pattern, to maintain the leading position domestic and international market.


From excellent to outstanding, science and technology leads the future. CASHWAY is the only a national ATM research and development and industrialization base approved by the National Development and Reform Commission; listed in the "five-year revitalization plan of science and technology project" and "National torch plan project implementation unit" submitted by the Ministry of Science and Technology; the “electronic development fund project implementation unit" approved by MIIT; Tianjin’s "major independent innovation industrialization projects", "major industrial project implementation unit", and CASHWAY has

"post-doctoral scientific research workstation", "enterprise technology center", "financial self-service equipment technology engineering center". CASHWAY successively awarded the honors of "science and technology service industry demonstration enterprise", "the most growth enterprises", "keep the contract heavy credit enterprise", "national May Day labor diploma", "best employer", "double strong six good party organization",

As a representative of the national excellent brand, CASHWAY focuses on scientific and technological innovation, leads the industry development, firstly becomes a domestic advocate and facilitator of the encryption algorithm, and plays an important role in the localization process, information security, promotion of intelligent bank and beneficial public’s financial development. CASHWAY’s market share is several times in the rapid growth of the industry average growth rate, and in 2014 the total revenues of ATM/CRS is nearly ten thousand units. CASHWAY’s financial equipment are providing safe and convenient service for people.


Dancing with the strong, I will be stronger. From the strategic level, CASHWAY pays great attention on the ICBC’s project, giving full play the core advantage of national independent brand of financial equipment and industry leader; relying on many years of technology accumulation and diversity of the independent innovation ability, advanced and mature multi-functional self-service product line, 24hours*7 days covers all after-sales service system, in strict accordance with the industrial and commercial bank of China self-service business requirements, make the customized cash such equipment and service solutions, obtained the approval of the industrial and commercial bank of China, project successfully won the bid for domestic brands different machine.


The bidding project of ICBC not only promotes the leap-forward development of CASHWAY, also prompts the ATM industry pattern happen big changes. Creating Chinese famous brand, CASHWAY enhances the independent innovation ability, and core competitiveness, enriching the comprehensive value of product and service brand, striving for the development of China's financial electronic!

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