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Cashway donated cash disinfection cabinet worth 650,000 RMB to help Hubei Post fight the

March 17, 2020

Hubei bears the brunt of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally directed and deployed, and hundreds of millions of Chinese people have acted, raced against the same time, competed with the disease, united as one to overcome the difficulties together. One party is in trouble and all parties support. On the morning of March 16, Cashway held a cash disinfection cabinet donation ceremony and donated 200 cash disinfection cabinets worth 650,000 yuan to the Hubei branch of China Post Group to help Hubei Post fight the "epidemic".

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan is improving, and initial results have been achieved, but the tasks are still arduous and arduous. The more difficult the situation, the more time to act. In order to express high respect to Hubei Post and fully support the normal operation of Hubei Post's outlets, cashway donated 200 cash disinfection cabinets to Hubei Post. This product can sterilize the cash collected by the outlets and the cash deposited in self-service equipment. Let the people spend "health money" and "rest assured money" to help Hubei Post's outlets open quickly and quickly restore normal economic and social order.

The mountains and rivers are distant and affectionate, and the heart and courage are in the hands and feet. With the outbreak of the epidemic, Hubei Post has always insisted on being on the front line of the fight against the "epidemic", bravely shouldering heavy burdens, and set off in retrograde, making great contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic and restoring normal social order. Cashway will stand firmly with Hubei Post, fight together, carry it together, and provide solid security and support for Hubei Post, which is on the front line of the epidemic, with faith and perseverance. We will breathe and share destiny, and work together to overcome difficulties and have nothing to do. Fear and move forward courageously. Epidemic prevention and control is about life, and the relationship between resumption of work and production has developed. In the spirit of "fixing the green hills and not relaxing", cashway actively innovates more products in response to the actual needs of the branches, coordinates the promotion of epidemic prevention and control work and financial service support, and works side by side with bank branches to meet the financial needs of the people. Deepen the bank-enterprise connection, press the "fast forward button" for resumption of work and production, go against the trend, take multiple measures to achieve "two wars equally", achieve "win-win and win-win", and contribute to epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development Heng Yin power.

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