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Cashway won the "Twenty Years Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award" in Tianjin Software Industry

December 23, 2019

A few days ago, under the guidance of Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and hosted by Tianjin Software Industry Association, the "2019 Tianjin Software Industry Development Summit Forum and Tianjin Software Association 20-year Development Seminar" was held in Tianjin. Hengyin Finance won the "Twenty Years Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award" and the company's party committee secretary and chairman Jiang Haoran won the "Twenty Years Outstanding Contribution Person Award".

With cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new-generation information technologies accelerating to penetrate into various fields of economy and social life, the software industry's service-oriented, platform-oriented, and integrated trend has become more obvious. Tianjin Software Industry Association closely follows the industry development trend, pays attention to the needs of enterprises, adheres to the service-oriented principle, and contributes positively to the development of Tianjin's software and information technology service industry.


As a leading domestic smart banking solution provider, Cashway is the vice chairman unit of the fourth council of Tianjin Software Industry Association. The company always attaches great importance to software development and application and insists on independent innovation. The software products used in financial self-service equipment are all independently designed and developed, enjoying independent intellectual property rights, adopting mature software architecture, achieving independent and controllable technology, and software products have become serialized , Diversified, well met the needs of banking financial solutions, software research and development results have been increasing year by year, and the market share has been consolidated and expanded.


In the face of new opportunities and challenges in the industry, Hengyin Financial has vigorously promoted the transformation from a hardware provider to an integrated service provider, from mainly doing banking equipment to providing smart devices and solutions for various financial-related fields. Actively embrace new technology, continue to increase investment in software research and development, maintain professionalism in existing fields, improve software service capabilities, and extend the experience of technology application in the financial field to more fields such as transportation, government, and medical care, and strive to create characteristics Systems, special equipment, and special solutions continue to enhance core competitiveness, further consolidate and enhance the industry's leading position, and provide important support for the company's business to develop faster and better.


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