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Where there are ATMS of Cashway, there are service site of Cashway. To provide first class service, we give each service engineer a 6-weeks training when joining in. After that, we also hold weekly knowledge sharing forum which help to make our service better ceaselessly. By now, in average, the engineers have 3 years of on-site service experience. Moreover, to ensure the quality of service, we invest a lot to extend our service team to keep that each engineer is incharge less than 25 ATMs.

  To provide abundant and timely spare-parts, we have built a spare-parts network all through the nation,which ensure that spare-parts can delivered to site within 4hours.

  To keep ATMs running in well state, we execute period maintenance to prevent problems from happening. Every 4 monthes, we will do a systemic on-site maintence,beside, after each time of on-site service we will do mini maintence and give a 10mintues training to the person in charge of the ATMs.

24hours call center technology supporting,Response within 10 minutes, Arrive onto site in downtown within 2hours, arrive onto site in suburb within 8hours and complete the troubleing shooting within 2 hours after reaching the site.