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Cashway is a system-integrate provider investing in banking equipment and relevant solutions. With years of development and advancement,Now we have formed an entire system which covers all the parts of business including Research,Development,Produce,Marketing,Operating and service outsourcing. Our goal is to be the best provider in banking field in Devices,Solution and Service.
By now, Cashway has all-series products including devices of ATM,CRS,KIOSK and software of ATMC,ATMP and ATMV.  
About ATM, now we have three types of ATM,including CASH80ALI for lobby and  through-the-wall ATM CASH80AWI and CASH80AWP. Besides ATM, we have four types of CRS products which are CASH80ALF,CASH80ALG for lobby and CASH80AWG,CASH80AWF for through-the-wall.
More over, We also provide Kiosk products. Now,in function we have Kiosk used for pass-book updating and check paying. While in application scene, Kiosk could be used in lobby ,through-the-wall or on-the-wall.
Softwares. CASHWAY ATMC is designed under concept of layers according to CEN/XFS standard . All the service providers comply to CEN/XFS 3.0,which make it realized to support modules of different model and from different manufacturer.  CASHWAY ATMP integrates policy of encryption and identification. It is effective in handling volume data-communication of ATMs and is able to ex-change data of different format.
CASHWAY ATMC is a monitor and management system. It is able to reflect the real-time state of devices,detail of transaction,output statistic-form of state and transaction,inquire state of device,give an alarm about fault and administrate device through the network.