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  • Intelligent Finance
  • Intelligent Life
  • Smart Security
  • Convenience Retail
  • Intelligent Finance

    With AI, cloud computing, blockchain and other high-tech technologies as core elements, financial institutions are fully empowered, their service efficiency is improved, and the breadth and depth of financial services are expanded, so that the whole society can achieve equality and efficiency , Professional financial services to realize the intelligent, personalized and customized financial services. More Details
  • Intelligent Life

    The intelligent life platform relies on the storage of cloud computing technology, uses modern science and technology to realize the intelligence of food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and integrates electronic technology into daily work, life, learning and entertainment. Multi-faceted, multi-angle presentation of more comfortable, more convenient, safer and healthier specific scenarios in family life, and then jointly create a smart community with a common smart life concept. More Details
  • Smart Security

    Based on the perception of multi-dimensional heterogeneous data, it can realize information aggregation, data processing, cognitive recognition, etc., and build a video-centric urban safety computing platform to provide intelligent application support capabilities for urban safety management and control. More Details
  • Convenience Retail

    Build an intelligent comprehensive service platform, deploy smart terminals in consumer-intensive areas such as convenience stores, communities, parks, and business districts, provide users with insurance, tourism, finance, ticketing, government, and convenience services, and provide low-cost services for industry enterprises and institutions , High-yield offline customer acquisition and service channels, forming a win-win "information-service-consumption" life economic circle. More Details

Product & Solution

With excellent technological products and solutions, CASHWAY accelerates the global financial industry development, and gets global customers’ trusts.

  • Product

    CASHWAY provides a large range of products including not only our traditional star products, cash processing series, but also software mo- dule and intelligent life equipment. More Details
  • Solution

    CASHWAY also provides complete sets of inte- lligent solution such as intelligent safety, intell- igent life, intelligent finance, intelligent retail, etc. More Details

    CASHWAY Fintech science and technology park is located in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, covering an area of more than 16 acres. Click to view the VR image of our corporate. More Details
  2. CASHWAY In Alibaba

    To adapt to the new era of online purchasing and to expand global market, CASHWAY opened up our online store on Alibaba in 2019. Click to find out more about our products in our Alibaba store. More Details
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    To know more about CASHWAY Fintech, you can click to view the latest news, events, and also some video introduction of us. More Details
  4. Customer Support

    From pre-sale to post-sale, CASHWAY provides customers with attentive support and service. T- here is no need to worry about problems during the whole process of purchasing or cooperating. More Details

CASHWAY In The World

Information technologies shorten the world distance, expand people’s horizon; With more intelligent technologies, CASHWAY makes universally beneficial, empowers the future.

As a professional financial self-service equipment provider, CASHWAY offers a wide products portfolio with competitive price and high quality for your choice. Our main business scope covers the Mid-East, Africa and South America, and the market share is increasing year by year. More Details

About Us

CASHWAY Fintech Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 603106), founded in 2004, is a leading provider of smart banking solutions in China. Through the operation mode of "intelligent products, advanced technologies and high-quality services", the company can meet all kinds of personalized needs of customers in the construction and operation of smart banks and help them realize business The intelligent transformation of outlets can effectively reduce operating costs. More Details

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